Rules or no rules?

I saw a video on YouTube.. 

"Usain Bolt's world record event". 💖

I started watching it, the introduction, warm-up then the race. It was so magical a run! I thought he was extraordinary in his performance. I watched the replay with same awestruck fascination. But in the end, when he was interviewed he says, "Sure I've made a world record, but my technique was wrong"!

Such  a startling statement!

Imagine our life that way. 
Unfortunately or fortunately, ours is a race where the race track moves. 
We never know when we reach the finish line. But when we are nearing it, we better have the affirmation that our journey had had eternal relevance and conformed to rules. We better not regret about our technique that it was wrong when everybody is appreciating us for our seemingly great spiritual life.

"2timothy 2:5... a contender does not receive the crown unless he competes according to the rules"


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