My Testimony (Briefly)

Saved by Grace, Called to Love  Hey there, Elora here!  Here's how I got into a personal relationship with God.  If you are new to this concept - do comment below, and I would be glad to help you understand the jazz around this topic.  So, going back to my story...  I grew up in Church going, Sunday honoring, family. I have memories of my childhood where my grandma would tell me and my brother stories from the Bible. Stories of Abraham, Samuel, Samson, Daniel, and so on... (honestly, I didn't like Abraham at all, he was ready to kill his son, and I would imagine myself in Isaac's place sometime). I grew up going to Sunday School and learning that if we confess our sins, Jesus would forgive me.  One Saturday evening, my heart was getting heavier. I now know that it was the Holy Spirit God who had filled my heart with such an awareness of my sinful state. I was 11 years old when this happened. I rushed to my mom and said, "mom, I need God, I need to change." My mom

Perfect Gifts From Above

James 1:16 - 18 (NIV version)  "Don't be deceived, my brothers. Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows. He chose to give us birth through the word of truth that we might be a kind of firstfruits of all he created." Verses 16 to 18 have multiple facets to them. They explain various concepts in a go.  An Alert Don't be deceived, my dear brothers. Mr. James started his paragraph with an alert about what we receive in life. He goes on to explain why he is asking his people to be alert. We are often deceived by the desires of our hearts. We know that the heart is deceitful of all and whatever the heart says, we do it. Whatever our eyes want, we pursue and try to get it. So let's be reminded of the difference between what we want and what God gives to us.  A Fact Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the father of heavenly lights.   All that we have i

Thinking About Eve

Eve - Her life, journey  When we start off reading about Eve, the story sounds cliched (no offense - I'm referring to how many times the beginning story is read and preached about!).  The perfect woman saw how imperfect she could be when God's not around.  Eve Saw the Before & After The first lady saw the before and after version of the perfect earth. More or less, she must think it was solely her responsibility to have the earth totally change in front of her own eyes. She not only crossed a line herself but also dragged Adam into it.  We need to remember here that Eve was created to provide a suitable helper for Adam. But the way she chose to help him made him the ultimate breadwinner of the family. Also, from the helper (an exact equal), she got demoted to being ruled by her husband.  My mind is going tangent I want to discuss a lot of things about her, but let's just discuss how awesome she handled it all.  Handling it, Well!  Knowing the best of the two wo

When Anxiety Reigns

Anxiety, as one may have it, is closely depicted in this picture. But I should say this is the faintest representation of what's happening inside.    You don't have to guess it, I am obviously anxious, unable to sleep, and constantly on edge - the famous flight or fight response as they call it. Over analyzing every situation and drawing all the possible outcomes of an event in a fraction of a second and wanting to type it! All this aptly define my condition at the moment. I usually feel this the exact night before my big exam. I screwed all my important exams with this dear anxious brain of mine. I have thrown years of preparation down the drain with this uncontrollable brain. When I am anxious, I touch my face, and that gives me these acne marks - which are a proof of my state.    So, sunken eyes, black spots over the face, oil drooling down the cheek, and brain racing so many horses that it ceases to think. This is how I define anxiety.  Imagine standing in a box. A ve

My Dad's Salvation Story

Simplest Introduction To My Dad We (me and my brother) grew up in a Christian family, as in my mom was a believer. She bought us up in Sunday school and with Christian values. My dad was okay with going to church. He used to attend the church and allow us to choose if we wanted to follow Christ. But initially, he never liked Christians. He felt Christians were hypocrites and the pastors were the head of that department. He believed that there was God, but didn't know Him personally. God Change Lives! So one day, he thought for himself, that if there really is a God, he would see a change! A change that he said was that which would transform him to be a better person internally and externally. My dad was a man of morals and integrity, but this, in my opinion, was his internal quest that in God's sight, he wasn't good enough. Then he told me that he decided he would find out for himself if there really was a god, He'd bring in him the holy transformation. So

Dear no readers,

2 views is all that I have for my present posts. (those are mine, I viewed them twice to see how the formatting looked). Here I am writing to IMPACT the WORLD with zero readers and there you are not even trying to find posts with incredible messages. Sarcasm apart, today it is not discouraging to not have readers. Today it's encouraging to be able to write with a peaceful mind, a comforted heart, and a rested body. Not Discouraged At All - Naaha!  Woke up to a beautiful winter morning and pleasant light through the window. And though I have innumerable things that I can be grateful for. Thank you, Lord, for all the good people in my life. Thank you for those who love me. Thank you for the good health and financial security. Thank you for the beautiful weather. Thank you for all your providence. Thank you for being the God of my life. Thank you for the healing and miracles. Thank you for all the people who get the bad side of me, I get to repent and correct myself.


Today I am hurt. Hurt Hurt! Sometimes things in life hurt you so bad that you can feel it physically. Today is such day for me. Sometimes its difficult to get out of bed and even think of anything good. So, what is the solution to this big issue of life? How do we get rid of it? But thinking of getting rid of it... I realized that we need to get through it. We need process the whole of the hurt and endure it. And when we have endured it, we become strong in that area. So why should we perceive that hurt is not normal? If happiness is normal then sadness too is normal. and hurt, despair and hopelessness are normal too. So I may not be THAT great a person to thank the Lord for the hurts that HE allowed or for those that I inflicted on myself. But one thing I will do, tell him that I am hurt. That I am hurt too bad. Too bad to get back up. And I'll wait till HE lifts me up. Our God is close to the broken hearted and crushed in spirit. PS Amen.