Dear Judas, with love

It takes a Judas iscariot to betray.
Anyone could have handed over Christ!
But it takes only Judas to betray,
One among the twelve, he must have seen the lame walk,
The blind see, the deaf hear and the dead raised to life.
The one who felt the love of Christ and participated in the 'first communion ever' .
And betrayed Christ with a loving kiss!
It takes a Brutus to stab Ceaser,
A loved and trusted Delilah to chop Samson's hair,
And A David to slay Uriah.
A barking donkey or a braying dog can do no harm.
It's the ones closest to our hearts that
can draw a sword into it.
The only bright side of this is that we've had the courage ,
Courage to be vulnerable enough and love someone so bad that they could bruise us this immensely.
When I hear this I'm reminded of "Courage the cowardly fool".


  1. Wow powerful!! TY for this beautiful and thought provoking post! XO Donna ❤

    1. Thank you so much Ms.Donna. Means a lot <3 .God bless

  2. Yes it does take courage to be vulnerable. May we be mold-able to love and forgive specifically as He leads.


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