No brains needed...only heart, faith and love

This is an excerpt from the time I went to tenali.

Down here in Tenali,
Attending a church that my aunt used to attend.
Women outnumber men ( this at least proves that most men aren't hypocrites )
The women here sing, according to their inspiration, each one a different song. No tempo, no tune, no melody, no nothing!
A braying donkey win a competition with these people here.
Beethoven would commit suicide twice.
A little kid on a rustic drum playing the same beat for every song which obviously doesn't go with the song, people clapping hands with a don't care syndrome for basic rhythm is all you can find.
BUT you know what? ( and this but makes all the difference of course )
God blessed these people with himself. You could sense the presence of God in this place.
He rejoices even over their ignorance be it in terms of intellect or music...
His measuring scales are deeper and wider than we can even comprehend.
He sees the heart, he understands humane limitations and helplessness.
He understands the inability and incapacity of us to even try being Christians who'd fit into his standards.
No wonder he is a God of grace and mercy and demonstrated highest level of empathy of stepping into our shoes, even into the cattle stall, into carpenting..
And against the power of Satan, and into the grave.
He knows yet forgives( the contrite )
How humble our God is... he doesn't demand anything except for our willing hearts.
Blessed by this simple yet profound manifestation of God's hand into this under-simple harsh and sinful life.
Innocent childlike trust isn't as easy as it sounds, these people have it all.


  1. Oh my, I have been being convicted of judging by outward appearances lately, and your post just sunk right to the heart of it! I want to see people with the eyes of Jesus!


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