The Message

The Message Eugene Peterson
   Well It was introduced to me by one of my uncles.
  Trust me, It is an awesome book. A great paraphrased version of The Bible.
I know that many at times we tend to not understand, or feel threatened by few old testament scriptures. There have been days when I'd suddenly close my Bible seeing the harsh prophesies. And there have been days when the scripture wasn't clear and not understandable.
And the solution lies in this " The Message by Eugene Peterson" .My uncle says, " Somehow I feel lot spiritual when I read It". And this has been my experience too.
One section from Psalms which I read recently is this :
12 How blessed the man you train, God, the woman you instruct in your Word,  13 Providing a circle of quiet within the clamor of evil, while a jail is being built for the wicked.  14 God will never walk away from his people, never desert his precious people.  15 Rest assured that justice is on its way and every good heart put ri…

Charles Spurgeon


Way to Go and to Be

Lord please show me the way

Or I can't face another day,

Else take my life, end it with a knife,

I'll be happy to see you,

Will enjoy the paradise' view.

Or even in your silence 

Make mt ears keen, on you only to lean

To hear your still silent voice

This is my heart felt choice.

And fill me with your spirit and 

Give me a heart of lion,

To soar courageously till I reach zion

But I know that you're always there

And that you always care.

No brains needed...only heart, faith and love

This is an excerpt from the time I went to tenali.Down here in Tenali,
Attending a church that my aunt used to attend.
Women outnumber men ( this at least proves that most men aren't hypocrites )
The women here sing, according to their inspiration, each one a different song. No tempo, no tune, no melody, no nothing!
A braying donkey win a competition with these people here.
Beethoven would commit suicide twice.
A little kid on a rustic drum playing the same beat for every song which obviously doesn't go with the song, people clapping hands with a don't care syndrome for basic rhythm is all you can find.
BUT you know what? ( and this but makes all the difference of course )
God blessed these people with himself. You could sense the presence of God in this place.
He rejoices even over their ignorance be it in terms of intellect or music...
His measuring scales are deeper and wider than we can even comprehend.
He sees the heart, he understands humane limitations and helples…

Dear Judas, with love

It takes a Judas iscariot to betray.
Anyone could have handed over Christ!
But it takes only Judas to betray,
One among the twelve, he must have seen the lame walk,
The blind see, the deaf hear and the dead raised to life.
The one who felt the love of Christ and participated in the 'first communion ever' .
And betrayed Christ with a loving kiss!
It takes a Brutus to stab Ceaser,
A loved and trusted Delilah to chop Samson's hair,
And A David to slay Uriah.
A barking donkey or a braying dog can do no harm.
It's the ones closest to our hearts that
can draw a sword into it.
The only bright side of this is that we've had the courage ,
Courage to be vulnerable enough and love someone so bad that they could bruise us this immensely.
When I hear this I'm reminded of "Courage the cowardly fool".

Consistency - HE masters it

The moon doesn't only belong to the night!
If we care to see, moon's always there...
In the morning and in the night ..
Just because its counterpart, the sun overpowers it in the morning,
It doesn't cease to show up!
In fact, it's the sun which goes down and comes up every single day.
But moon doesn't!  What's so much fuss about sun and moon haaaan? !!!
Just celestial bodies! ? !Let's ponder, if the sun represents our struggles & pain...
Then moon is like our loving God.Yes,  we might have gushing happiness. ...pounding pain..
But through it all, we have this consistent God who never gives up on us, who never betrays and who always stays,
He loves us, and he is ready to give up anything for us! He gave up HIS ONLY BEGOTTEN SON!  what else would we want!
Sure the moon gets unnoticed by us, and sometimes due to the sunshine we may not trace it. ... but let's remember even if the Earth,  celestial bodies, people give away...HE WON'T!
He is our…


In HIS silence let me wait,
In my folly, he'll let me repent